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Oct 20
Boys and girls: A gen Z call to gender equality

This week, we asked the new generation to give us their views on what needs to be…

Sep 28
Working women: a career requires more than a job well done

This week in EVE Voices, Patrycja Riera analyses the mechanisms that prevent working…

Sep 04
Inclusive Talent Management and the New Normal

This week, Patrycja builds on her latest post about successful strategies for dual…

Aug 14
EVE Score™: measuring gender equity in leadership positions

This article is part of a series called the “Not so secret sauce”…

Jul 30
Female Entrepreneurs: Changing society for the better

This article is co written by the authors of recently published ‘Female Entrepreneurs…

Jul 02
Why companies need to focus on Inclusion, not Diversity

Opinion piece on the need for companies to focus their gender equity efforts on…