About EVE.

Closing the gender divide.

Information is power.

Gender parity in the workplace is proven to be correlated to better returns: profit, employment engagement, innovation, governance, customer experience.

In our views, it is taking too long for business leaders to get it. And when they do, roll out of D&I strategies can be slow and clunky. Meanwhile, too many women start brilliant careers to experience halfway frustration and discouragement and drop out of the workforce at mid management level.

EVE List’s purpose is to be an unbiased resource for all organisations and individuals set on closing the gender gap in the workplace.

Together, we have the power to refuse the status quo. Empowered by facts and data, we can transform every type of workplace.

By publishing a scored list of companies committed to close the gender divide linked to their job openings, we want to empower women with tools to make informed career choices.

EVE score™ data set is made of quantitative elements of governance, culture, HR policy, pay gap, learning & development practices crowdsourced and verified by you.

EVE jobs is a listing of career opportunities in the companies featured on EVE score list.

EVE community connects like minded individuals around solving career and workplace challenges.

Collective intelligence leads exponential growth.

Researching, collecting, and verifying info from millions of companies of all sizes on criteria rarely shared publicly is a big task.

By the end of 2020, we want to verify 2000 companies in the EMEA region.

By 2022, EVE list will have verified and scored gender equity companies of at least 5000 companies worldwide.

We need your help.

If you work for or know of a company that is changing for the better, let us know.

Crowdsourcing information is key to reach these goals fast and remove the burden of closing the gender gap from our children’s shoulders (who will already have a lot on their plate).

We are EVE.

Transparency. Impact. Independence.

Eve list is born from the necessity to see change happen in the workplace.

We are registered as not for profit to maintain neutrality in highlighting corporate best practices.

Listing your company is free.