Everything you need to know.

EVE List is a mission based initiative bringing together partners from different backgrounds (government entities, NGO’s, private companies and individuals) with very different mandates but a common objective to close the gender gap. It is a big mission and therefore requires a broad support network, financial independence and neutrality, to bring to the public a verified unbiased and complete source of data.

  • Financial independence

EVE list is relying on several avenues of funding to support its ambitious goal including individual membership, job premium listing, affiliate marketing, crowdfunding, grants and donations.

  • Neutrality

We are very grateful for the support of private organisations through sponsorship, membership and donations, however, we want to maintain the neutrality of the listing and as such will not accept any offer of funding for/from:

– Private organisations scoring poorly on the list

– Any request for extra featured listing, articles, award etc

Ask EVE is a safe and inclusive space designed to seek responses to specific workplace challenges, whether by a verified expert or by community members.

  • Code of conduct

Anyone can ask questions or share their experience related to career and workplace challenges as long as it is in a respectful, non confrontational, supportive way. It is not a place to debate opinions or politics, neither to name and shame specific companies or people.
Any bullying, bickering is ruthlessly removed immediately, and people participating in such discussions blocked from accessing the forum.

  • Verified experts

We partner with verified experts to give more professional opinion on legal, HR, or counselling matters, but it doesn’t mean, everything suggested should be taken for granted. Our team vets the partners’ credentials but it obviously does not replace a full due diligence. We suggest strongly to follow up with a face to face professional advice in critical cases, so as to ensure context and elements pertaining to your specific questions are fully understood and addressed under professional liability coverage.

  • Support network

Eve community is designed to be a resource group for like minded people who care about bringing balance to the workplace, and are generous with their time and skills to support others.

You may have noticed that stars and constellations are a big inspiration to us. That’s because we sincerely believe that there is no better way to progress than taking part in a community that is bigger than just us. We believe that in giving our time, contacts and support we help others and ourselves.

  • Closed group

We use closed groups for all interactions between EVE members, a safe space to share, learn and make meaningful connections while maintaining a spirit of authenticity and generosity. Your time is precious and valuable, so we encourage you to acknowledge comments and advice, take time to write back, thank, and pay it forward when it is in your range of expertise.

  • One to one

All members can access the members directory and start individual one to one conversations. We believe in the power of peer mentoring, learning and leaning on each other’s skills and experience to grow, receiving and giving feedback, opening each other’s network.

  • Ask Me Anything

AMA sessions are all about passing on our members experience and know-how in an interactive and non scripted format. It is also a great opportunity to kick start a conversation with top experts in their field, to ask the questions you’d never be able to ask in a traditional conference setting. We encourage these sessions to remain on topic and provide some material to prepare relevant questions beforehand.

  • Events

We love the fact we can connect wherever in the world and at any time of the day digitally but sometimes it is good to meet in person, to participate in collective moments of inspiration, fun and great networking with like minded people. We are partnering with a selected great events around the world aiming at bringing a community of professional women together: leadership retreats, skills bootcamps, seminars and forums.