The Biggest Gift You Can Give Yourself Right Now

By Guest contributor, Jos Dirkx, Founder Beenova

This article is part of a series on Entrepreneurship mainly focusing on mental health. This week, our guest contributor looks at letting go of self limiting beliefs and managing our minds.

I was speaking to an investor yesterday who said:

“Everybody is carrying something right now”.

How true. He was referring to the impact of the pandemic and upcoming elections in DC, the state he currently calls home. I would venture to take it one step further: uncertainty and unexpected change don’t just add to our load, but may cause us to be blind to opportunity. I, too, have found myself on occasion ‘drifting’ into a space where I focus less on possibilities and more on what I assume I don’t have access to. 

A dangerous and slippery slope…

The most important skill an entrepreneur can have is the ability to manage their mind. 

In addition to supporting customers, inspiring teams, presenting solutions and running the numbers, the way we turn up and how we handle our thoughts versus our being is key – separating yourself from your thoughts is vital in mindset management.

Tapping into the same sources of pre-COVID-19 inspiration may feel impossible. It may feel harder to expand. However, challenges are in place to test your ability to manage the mind, so welcome them.

In this case, opt for expansion that is directed inward while creating value for others. 

Right now, the biggest gift you can give yourself is a full, complete, unquestioned, unconditional belief that you can move from “What was supposed to be…” … I was supposed to be at favorite annual conference, or I was supposed to be on holiday, or my business was supposed to be performing betterto just being.

The frequency at which the statement “What was supposed to be…” resides is similar to the frequencies of ‘blame’ and ‘expectation’. Both blame and expectation survive at a low frequency. Staying there too long affects your ability to expand, grow and deliver (for others and yourself).

When you can just be, solutions to problems and answers to questions feel natural and easy. To just be, practice the idea that whatever is happening around you is separate from who you are becoming. 

And who you are becoming is up to you to decide.

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